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Security worries around NHS Highland’s obsolete site

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NHS Highland said touchy data was not in danger, but rather administrations, for example, virtual arrangements could be upset assuming that the site was down.

It is currently moving to a more exceptional foundation.

However, The Times has revealed claims NHS Highland’s agreement for the work was an “advert to digital crooks”.

The wellbeing board’s notification in Public Contracts Scotland said the specialized design was “out of date” and its obsolete foundation delivered “key inquiry and examination highlights inoperable, the site to a great extent un-editable by staff, and its security compromised”.

The notification said redeveloping the NHS Highland site couldn’t be conceded any longer.

‘Elective courses of action’s

A representative for the wellbeing board said the site didn’t hold or straightforwardly connection to any touchy data, like patient subtleties.

She said: “Security concerns are more based on a possible disturbance to support, for instance in getting to the NearMe virtual arrangement administration, which could happen assuming the site were down.

“We have elective courses of action we can set up, should this occur.”

The representative added: “We view security extremely in a serious way and thus are quick to move to a more cutting-edge web framework which can be effortlessly upheld.”

Scottish Conservative MSP Miles Briggs, who raised worries about digital assaults at Holyrood last year, said the wellbeing board had left itself “open to assault”.

He said: “Network safety assaults are turning into a consistently expanding issue for public area associations and strong measures should be taken to safeguard against any likely dangers.”

In 2017, NHS Highland was one of 11 wellbeing sheets hit by a worldwide ransomware assault.